How to setup a comment email-notification on Drupal using Triggers & Actions

Today I gonna show yo how to setup a comment email-notification on Drupal like wordpress. This is very simple and works perfectly. OK let's start.

[1] First let's enable the module Trigger. (Administer -> Site Building -> Modules)

drupal trigger

[2] Second let's setup Action. (Administer -> Site Configuration -> Actions) Now at the bottom Make a new advanced action select Send e-mail

How to use a custom cross browser friendly dynamic font on your website?

Have you ever thought of making a custom styled font on your website, which may not available on your visitor PCs, well there is one solution!! you can use CSS @font-face syntax to instruct the web browser to download the custom font to the visitor PC.
The easiest way of  @font-face declaration is this, you can use either TTF or OTF font file:


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